New Office for a New Year

Even though the best thing about this area is the places to visit like the National Parks and Monuments, the next best thing is staying at a great place. We just got into our new office two months ago and now have pictures of most of our cabins up on the wall. Now as you can see from the picture above we don’t have all of our cabins on the wall (pictures of the cabins would be taking over the whole office). Please stop by and take a look at what we have to offer for your next family getaway or take take a look at our website for information on each cabin click here.

We are located behind Wells Fargo and right across the street from Blue Mountain Foods, we are in a tan building but you will probably notice the signs long before the building color. We have two huge signs that has our company name of “Canyonlands Lodging” on two sides of the building. Now I understand that Monticello is a small town to have an office but it works great for us since we are right in the middle of all of our rental cabins.

Now why stay with us or even look at what we have to offer. Well first it is not like staying at a Blanding Ut Hotel, Monticello UT Hotel, or Moab UT Hotel. You will be in control of your whole stay, no one is around to tell you when to check in.  We just get everything ready so you can arrive at the time that best fits your schedule. Next you have a full cabin just for your group, no more renting three hotels rooms to fit your family of 8. On top of that we have full kitchens in almost all of our accommodations, so you can stick to that New Years resolution even in June while your on vacation.

So next time your looking for a Blanding Ut Hotel or any other hotel, check our website. We might just have the best price for your group and add a little bit of excitement and adventure to your stay.


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